Sep 27 2014

It's been awhile. I've been busy. No more complaints about PEPCO because I live in NJ now, HA! I was motivated to write this blog entry today because I checked out Ello the new social networking site that the news has been reporting about and I asked for an invite because they have this awesome text in their FAQ's:

We're not interested in ruling the world. We think people that are motivated to do things like that have unresolved psychological problems.

Good on ya', Ello.

Since this is my...

Pepco's Marketing

Going Camping

The Garden is Allright!

Watercolor Painting

Pepco Kensington Sub-Station Collapse As Seen From Bethesda

Here Comes Restaurant Week!

Ninja Strike T-Shirts

MVA Blues

Best Place to Buy Fish in Bethesda?

Another Power Outage In Bethesda Because It Rained

Silver Diner Construction

Garrett Park Has Beautiful Trees

The Carousel

Now a Verizon Wireless Outage?

Another PEPCO Outage!?!?

Lucky 7 Stores

New Playground on River Road

Pepco Should Be Held Liable for Damages Caused by Power Outage

Lights ON!!

The Great DC Blackout of 2010

Bethesda Traffic During the Blackouts

Yet Another Power Outage = Pepco, You Suck!

My First Earthquake!

Annoyed By Speed Cameras?