Its too bad Diaspora never took hold. But whatev. Its cool Ello is making a splash. I hope they fedorate!

This guy is awesome:

Marcin Jakubowski

And WTF is up with this:

It's been awhile. I've been busy. No more complaints about PEPCO because I live in NJ now, HA! I was motivated to write this blog entry today because I checked out Ello the new social networking site that the news has been reporting about and I asked for an invite because they have this awesome text in their FAQ's:

We're not interested in ruling the world. We think people that are motivated to do things like that have unresolved psychological problems.

Good on ya', Ello.

Since this is my...


Why is Pepco spending on marketing when they should be spending money on upgrading OUR infrastructure?

You know something is up when a company has to pay for advertising to fool their customers into believing that they are reliable.

Pepco should be regulated against wasting their customers money like this.

I like Ed Levian's quote:

"I don't understand how a regulatory commission -- you -- can rationally justify rewarding incompetence ... [which] you have consistently done toward Pepco....

It has been ages since I've gone camping, but its summertime, and Ellie is here for two weeks, so let's go!

I bought a small tent for us from Amazon:

We're planning on going to the Shenendoah Valley next week for a day or two. Should be awesome! I'll post pictures.


My balcony garden is thriving!

I have to say my favorite plant so far this season is the purslane. I didn't know what to expect when planting it, but its been such and easy grower, and so tasty!

The romaine lettuce is good, too.

My mother visited this past weekend and she and my three year old daughter had a great time painting together. My mother is an accomplished artist and former art teacher, so she has plenty of experience teaching children the wonders of art.

On Sunday, we also saw lots of watercolor paintings while waiting for brunch at the Black Market restaurant in Bethesda.

I would like to try watercolor art again sometime, too.