Why is Pepco spending on marketing when they should be spending money on upgrading OUR infrastructure?

You know something is up when a company has to pay for advertising to fool their customers into believing that they are reliable.

Pepco should be regulated against wasting their customers money like this.

I like Ed Levian's quote:

"I don't understand how a regulatory commission -- you -- can rationally

It has been ages since I've gone camping, but its summertime, and Ellie is here for two weeks, so let's go!

I bought a small tent for us from Amazon:

We're planning on going to the Shenendoah Valley next week for a day or two. Should be awesome! I'll post pictures.


My balcony garden is thriving!

I have to say my favorite plant so far this season is the purslane. I didn't know what to expect when planting it, but its been such and easy grower, and so tasty!

The romaine lettuce is good, too.

My mother visited this past weekend and she and my three year old daughter had a great time painting together. My mother is an accomplished artist and former art teacher, so she has plenty of experience teaching children the wonders of art.

On Sunday, we also saw lots of watercolor paintings while waiting for brunch at the Black Market restaurant in Bethesda.

I would like to try watercolor art again sometime, too.

I've been very unlucky with PEPCO's service. In short, they are grossly incompetent.

I was lucky, however, to bear witness to this visual conflagration of their incompetence:

Its a video one of my neighbors took of the substation fire and collapse from earlier this week. It was very eerie, but it was beautiful, too.

It took Pepco two days to turn the power back on, and from what I've read, some people are still without power. For shame!

Bethesda's Restaurant Week
January 24 - 30, 2011

In fact, Bethesda's Restaurant Week is right around the corner! Its time to eat, folks.

I've started going out to eat from time to time, and I just wrote a review of Siu's Asian Bistro and The Silver Diner.

As for restaurant week, Mon Ami Gabi looks to be the place I'd like to go. I have a weak spot for Steak Frites!